Choosing the color of wallpaper

Choosing the interior and the color scheme of the environment at home or in the working environment, a person tries to create the most harmonious shade around him and to use the most comfortable stylistic solutions. And because the walls occupy a large area in the color design of the interior, a great influence has the color of those wallpapers, which it was decided to glue when finishing the room.

It’s been known for a long time that the colors of the environment can greatly influence the mood and well-being, and some claim that even the actions of the person. From the course of physics we know that a person perceives color as an electromagnetic wave of a certain frequency. And it is the frequency of the wave that determines how a person defines color.

Top view of couple choosing colors to paint new house

Depending on where a person lives, he will be surrounded by mostly shades of the same color. For example, residents of northern regions often see white around, nomads of deserts see yellow, and residents of marine regions are surrounded by a palette of blue.

Red wallpaper will look good in the living room, where reception, socializing and celebrations and festivities usually take place. This color is considered exhilarating, lively, and active. In the interior of the kitchen red stimulates the appetite well, only in the kitchen glue with water repellent impregnation. However, people’s active red color can make them unnecessarily irritable and even aggressive.

Raspberry wallpaper is recommended to use in the interior only in small doses, because this color brings chaos, disorder and irritability to the environment. Small islands of raspberry color will spice up the interior.

Yellow tones and all the warm shades give the environment a sunny and happy atmosphere. In general, yellow helps to concentrate and that is why it is often used for decorating offices and children’s rooms. But monochrome yellow can look monotonous, and then it can be diluted with contrasting decorative elements.

Blue is soothing and can even relieve blood pressure. When used together with white furniture it creates an atmosphere of lightness and is often used in bedrooms, children’s rooms.

Blue wallpaper induces relaxation and relaxation of a person, so the wallpaper of the sky color is not desirable to use in the interior of the working environment. It is even recommended not to use this color in children’s rooms, as it can inhibit the development of children.

A gentle shade of pink in the wallpaper is invariably popular in bedrooms and children’s rooms. It helps to normalize the mood, gives a feeling of comfort and mental harmony.

The orange color stimulates action. It is most popular in the interior design of studios, gyms and can initiate active work. Very popular in the design of interiors of dark and not sunny rooms.

Purple shades in nature are rare, and therefore perceived by humans as something magical, mysterious. In interiors they create a sense of mystery and give a feeling of coolness.

Green shade of wallpaper has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, creating a sense of calm and peacefulness. It is good for use in the interior of any room in the house or at work, it stimulates agreement and moderation.